Google Ads YouTube New TrueView Ad Types

Google TrueView is one of the best ways to reach potential buyers on YouTube. Using video-based ad content, you can reach users on  YouTube with dynamic ads.

In the newest update reflected in Google Ads, you can now access two new types of campaigns:
  1. Reach
  2. Action
Let’s dig deeper into each of these.

TrueView for Reach

The new Reach selection combines both the standard in-stream ad format with the impression-based bidding.

The new Reach type is great for building brand awareness and focusing your bidding directly on impressions and metrics that matter for brand awareness.

Here is what a Reach focused ad looks like with the new Google Ads format:

TrueView for Action

If brand awareness isn’t your goal, don’t fret.

TrueView now comes with another great feature: Action.

The Action feature is built on driving direct conversions on your website:

With a call to action that lasts the entire video and even stays after completion, your chances of driving conversion on your website have skyrocketed.