Google Shopping Is Now In New Zealand

I thought I saw this just before Christmas, but I thought I must have been mistaken. Google Shopping has finally been released into New Zealand just 4 years after its release in Australia.

Google have not really made a song and dance about it, it has just appeared.

Google Shoppings Ads (Product Listing Ads)

Per the image above, Google Shopping ads appear at the top or in the upper right hand side of the Google search results. Only advertisers that pay for Product Listing Ads (PLAs) are included in the Google Shopping ads results and when Google sees a match between the search query and the product. The conversion rate of PLAs is relatively high and is a particularly effective form of eCommerce advertising. Click here to read more about Google Product Listing Ads (PLAs).

View this video for more information.

Setting up Google Product Listing Ads requires expertise. To learn more about Google Shopping ads call us on 0800 001 925 . Don’t delay, first mover advantage is important.