Winger – Driving customers to the showroom through increased brand awareness

172 %

Increase in viewable impressions

36 Million

ad impressions within 12 months


in-store visits

About the Winger Group

The Winger Group is a family-owned chain of car dealerships dating all the way back to 1932. The Winger Group are the official reseller for top automotive brands such as Suzuki, Subaru, Hyundai, Jeep and Maserati, to name a few. They have nine locations across Auckland and Hamilton, serving a wide range of clientele.

They came to us because

Winger approached us because they were looking at ways to increase brand awareness and market share in a way that was modern and responsive to changing consumer behaviours. A stalwart in the industry, Winger shared with us their objective of modernising their marketing approach by making the leap to digital. This was unfamiliar territory for Winger, however, thankfully, it’s what we do best.

What we did

We have worked alongside Winger for the past five years as trusted partners to consistently help them achieve greater awareness and market share. By having this long-term partnership with a specialist agency, Winger can be certain that its advertising will be reshaped and adjusted to target the right customers online every time.


Working with us, Winger saw a 172% increase in viewable impressions. Over a 12-month period, we were able to drive 36 million ad impressions which then translated into results in the real world. Most impressively, this resulted in over 1700 active buyers who visited the dealership.

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“There was never anybody who could tell me how to get into digital in plain English until one day I got a visit from the team at Unbound. It has been four to five years now, and we have never looked back”

Paul Burborough, Dealer Principal, Winger Hamilton

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