Cookiebot Certified Partner and Reseller

We are now officially recognized as a Cookiebot Certified Partner and Reseller, allowing us to support our customers with cookie management and privacy compliance.

As a Cookiebot Partner we can give you a 10% discount on the license costs. 

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Are your cookie compliant?

There are huge changes happening with data collection and tracking. Make sure you are ready and not missing data. 

High Quality Audiences

Stay compliant and make sure you are collecting accurate data for your online audiences.

Trust & Transparency

Show your customers you care about their data.

Stay Compliant

Keep up to data with current laws around privacy and tracking

Frequently Asked Questions

A CMP is like a digital bouncer for your website, ensuring only the cookies you approve of get through the door. It manages how cookies interact with your visitors, making sure everything’s above board and compliant with those head-spinning privacy laws.

Why do I need to manage cookies on my website?

Because nobody likes a Peeping Tom! Managing cookies ensures you respect your visitors’ privacy by only using their data in ways they’ve agreed to. Plus, it keeps you on the right side of the law, avoiding those nasty fines for privacy breaches.

Are all cookies created equal?

Not by a long shot. Just like in a cookie jar, you’ve got your essentials (like session cookies), your preferences (like language settings), and those tracking cookies (the ones that follow you around like a lost puppy). CMPs help sort the good from the iffy, based on what your users consent to.

How does a CMP keep my site compliant?

Think of a CMP as your website’s personal lawyer, keeping you in line with laws like GDPR and CCPA. It does the heavy lifting by obtaining and storing user consents, ensuring you’re not unknowingly stepping over legal lines.

What happens if I don’t use a CMP?

Imagine hosting a party and not checking IDs at the door. Not using a CMP is a bit like that, but with legal consequences, angry visitors, and potential fines for data breaches. It’s a risk not worth taking.

Can a CMP affect my website’s user experience?

nly in a good way! A well-implemented CMP provides a clear, concise consent process, keeping your site user-friendly and building trust with your visitors. It’s like having a polite butler who asks your guests for their coat, rather than a doorman who grills them at the entrance.

Do I have control over what cookies are allowed?

Absolutely! With a CMP, you’re the boss. You decide which cookies are essential for your site and which ones need user consent. It’s like curating your playlist – you only play the tunes your guests want to hear.

Think of it as spring cleaning; it’s good practice to review your cookie policy regularly, especially as laws change and your website evolves. A CMP can alert you to new cookies, making this process as painless as rearranging your sock drawer.”

This approach uses Unbound’s distinctive blend of humour, simplicity, and expertise to demystify the complex topic of CMPs and cookies, aligning with the brand’s voice and positioning.

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