KiwiPetz – why working with an agency is worth the investment.

KiwiPetz – why working with an agency is worth the investment.
750 %

increase in return on ad spend (ROAS)

227 %

increase in conversion rate year-on-year

374 %

increase in total conversion value year-on-year

About KiwiPetz

KiwiPetz is a family-owned pet store in Fraser Cove Shopping Centre, proudly serving Tauranga’s pet owners since 2008. They strive to provide good quality pet items at very competitive pricing.

They came to us because

Before approaching Unbound, KiwiPetz were paying for and running their own ads. They didn’t know how to compete effectively with their larger competitors and were frustrated by the lack of results.

Our benchmarks showed low conversion rates, impression share, return on ad spend (ROAS), online sales and revenue. KiwiPetz sought out Unbound to help increase online sales and achieve more sustainable brand awareness.

What we did

Unbound used a variety of automated technologies to optimise campaign performance for online sales. We helped segment KiwiPetz marketing and potential niche markets, such as the aquatic market. Our team also set up Google Analytics and Tag Manager to track data and measure conversions effectively. 

Unbound also worked alongside KiwiPetz and an external web developer to create a new website that customers love using. KiwiPetz can also track customers’ journeys on the new site to continually improve the e-commerce experience.

Unbound helped with:

  • Brand Awareness
  • Audience Segmentation
  • Niche Market Discovery
  • PerformanceMax Campaigns
  • Display Ad Campaigns
  • Google Search Ads 


Unbound helped KiwiPetz increase online sales and achieve greater brand awareness. What they now spend on ads returns more valuable results. Customers know who KiwiPetz are and the great deals they have on offer.

In the short term, Unbound helped KiwiPetz increase both sales (revenue) and conversions. Achieving this enabled KiwiPetz to increase ad spend and grow overall brand awareness incrementally, Unbound’s suggested long-term strategy. We have helped gain KiwiPetz more recognition within the market, as indicated by our brand search campaigns, which have consistently increased impressions and conversion rates.

"Thanks, Unbound, for helping increase our online sales. Your team has helped us find sales opportunities, market gaps and flooded markets. Sometimes as a small business owner, it is easy to think that it will be cheaper to do it all yourself. Since partnering with Unbound, we are seeing the return on investment and can focus on the aspects of the business that we do best - looking after our amazing customers and suppliers."


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