Safety Genius – From Digital Sceptic To Digital Believer

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29 %

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27 %

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About Safety Genius

Safety Genius is a one-stop signage shop based in the Waikato. They design, manufacture, print and deliver safety signage, products, and solutions across Aotearoa.

They came to us/The problem

The company had been working with overseas digital marketers before seeking support from Unbound. Their experience was underwhelming – the costs were high, and the return on investment was low. 

Before giving up altogether, the owner decided to give digital marketing one last go, this time with a local business. They chose Unbound because they wanted a company that walked the talk and featured high in organic Google search results. 

Safety Genius wanted to focus on doing what they do best rather than having to do all the digital heavy lifting themselves, which was previously the case. Unbound took the burden of transition off of the owners by setting up and optimising their ads for the best results and maintaining momentum. 

What we did

We met in person and created a bespoke plan detailing all the deliverables that aligned with our client’s goals. Within a very short timeframe, we were able to put together Google ads that would perform well and funnel potential customers via the Google shopping interface. 


Before working with us, Safety Genius was generating little in sales through its digital advertising. Not long after Unbound came on board, the business started to experience much higher sales and overall return on investment.

“Unbound turned me from a Google sceptic into a very happy business owner. I was ready to give up, but now I won't be, thanks to Unbound's service.”

Darwin Ginty, Managing Director.

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