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Work From Home Desks
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About Work From Home Desks

Formerly known as Fiasco, the company initially created and distributed fabricated road cases and storage solutions for touring concerts and productions. With Covid-19 slowing down the events industry for the foreseeable future, the company pivoted and began producing desks using natural birch plywood. 

Work From Home Desks provided an ergonomic solution to the demand for high-quality, lightweight and easy-to-assemble desks as more and more New Zealanders shifted to working from home. 

Their aim has always been to make their customers’ lives more efficient and productive, and this enduring purpose is the heart and soul of everything they do.

They came to us/the problem.

When New Zealand went into lockdown in March 2020 as part of the Covid-19 pandemic, Fiasco had to pivot into an entirely new industry with a new customer base. The shifting of their business from road case B2B sales to work from home desks as an online B2C e-commerce business presented a real challenge for the company. Work From Home Desks had no experience or reputation and needed to establish an online presence quickly in their new industry. 

What we did

Unbound set up Google ads and analytics. We promoted Work From Home Desks using Facebook and Instagram ads for both their New Zealand and US-based websites. The goal was to quadruple the amount of return on ad spend (ROAS) in the first 90 days to help the business survive its initial stages. Lines of communication between their team and ours were open, with weekly online meetings via Google Meet in the initial stages.


Within the first 30 days, Work From Home Desks had generated five-figures in sales. Within the first 90 days, the business generated six-figures in monthly sales. Work From Home Desks is still going strong post-pandemic, with Unbound providing strategic digital marketing support as needed. 

I always felt I was working with someone that understood the job at hand and what it would take to succeed as we worked together. We grew to the point that we decided to bring e-commerce management in-house. This process took over a year and Unbound walked with us until we were ready to be set free. I will always appreciate that skill of being able to help, grow and then let go that Quentin demonstrated.

Joe Bradford

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