How To Add New User To Google Analytics

You can add as many users to an account as you need.

You can add users at the account, property, or view level. The level at which you add a user determines that user’s initial access. For example, if you add a user at the view level, then that user belongs to the account, but initially has no permissions at the property or account level. You can change permissions for a user at any time.

To add a new user:

  • Click Admin at the left of any Analytics page.
  • Use the menus at the tops of the columns to select the account, property, or view you want.
  • To add a user at the account level, click User Management in that column.
  • Click the blue add button at top right hand corner, and select add user.
  1. Add the email address of the new Google Analytics Admin.
  2. Tick box to allow edit access
  3. Tick box to allow collaboration access
  4. Tick box to allow manage users
  5. Click Add.

You have now added this user to Google Analytics and they will be notified.

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