Flex Fitness – Sustained Awareness and Membership Growth through Digital Marketing

96 %

increase in conversions

42 %

increase in Conversion Rate

34 %

decrease in Cost per Conversion


To consistently increase leads and memberships by maintaining an always-on marketing strategy, focusing on locals searching for gyms in the Hamilton area.


Flex Fitness Hamilton CBD, a prominent gym franchise, sought to bolster its local presence in Hamilton. Their aim was to spike membership numbers during promotional periods and establish an ongoing awareness of their gym, capturing the attention of potential members throughout the year.


The challenge was to create a continuous presence in a competitive market and connect with individuals actively seeking gym memberships—the strategy needed to go beyond time-bound promotions, building a sustained recognition of Flex Fitness Hamilton CBD.


Unbound crafted a comprehensive, always-on marketing strategy underpinned by targeted digital tactics and data-driven audience building.

Continuous Google Search Ads:

  • Targeting keywords like “gyms near me” and “gym Hamilton” to capture the attention of potential members searching for local gym options.
  • Approximately 2,200 monthly searches for these terms were leveraged to direct users to a customized landing page.

Hyper-Local Targeting:

  • Concentrated on reaching users within a 1.5-2km radius of the gym, emphasizing the convenience of its location.

Landing Page Conversion:

  • An optimized landing page offering free gym passes aimed at immediate conversion.
  • A focus on prospective members’ fitness goals, with value-added propositions, to encourage membership sign-ups.

First-Party Data Utilization:

  • Leveraged existing member data to create lookalike audiences, targeting individuals with similar characteristics to current members.
  • This strategy ensured reaching a more relevant and potentially interested audience.

Always-On Approach:

  • Provided consistent visibility for Flex Fitness Hamilton CBD, irrespective of specific promotions or offers.
  • Focused on brand awareness and the gym’s value propositions, keeping it top-of-mind for local audiences.


The always-on marketing approach increased both online leads and walk-in inquiries, indicating a successful penetration into the target market. Using first-party data to build lookalike audiences played a crucial role in reaching individuals similar to current members, enhancing the relevance and efficiency of the marketing efforts.


Unbound’s comprehensive digital marketing strategy for Flex Fitness Hamilton CBD demonstrates the effectiveness of an always-on approach in creating sustained brand awareness and membership growth. By focusing on local targeting, landing page optimization, and strategic use of first-party data, Unbound helped Flex Fitness Hamilton CBD become a prominent choice for fitness enthusiasts in the Hamilton area, achieving consistent lead generation and membership increases.

Unbound have been absolutely fantastic to work with and have helped us transform our business. With targeted marketing in Google and Meta, our leads are more qualified and it results in higher sales. I thoroughly recommend Unbound if you want to grow your business to the next level!

Scott Coker - Flex Fitness Hamilton CBD

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