Solo NZ increases Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) to 1200%

Solo NZ increases Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) to 1200%
95 %

Increase in Revenue

48 %

Increase in Conversion Rate

1200 %

Return on Ad Spend

About Solo NZ

Solo NZ are the distributors for high grade garden sprayers, blowers and concrete saws in New Zealand. Along with Solo they also distribute other brands such as Maruyama, Loncin & Tekpac, renowned for their reliable and durable engines.

They sell through retailers as well as direct to customers through their online store.

They came to us because

Solo NZ’s primary distribution channel was initially through retailers. While they had an online store and people could buy direct, they did not market their online store. 

Solo NZ saw this as a massive opportunity to grow their business – but they needed assistance and expertise to get started!

What we did

We began with creating an online action plan to reach people in the market for their products using Google Shopping and Google Search ads. We then setup the merchant feed from the Solo NZ website but optimised the feed to deliver best results and appear for relevant searches.

We implemented enhanced ecommerce tracking so all online sales could be measured and optimised. By attributing revenue to campaigns we were able to make every dollar accountable and deliver high Return on Ad Spends. 

These conversions can then be used with Google’s machine learning to find the right customers at the right times when they are looking to buy. 
However, not all sales are online with many enquiries coming via phone. We used call tracking technology so any calls coming from online channels (such as the search and shopping campaigns) could be attributed to deliver true accountability for the ad spend.

Channels used:

  • Google Shopping 
  • Google Search 
  • Google Display Remarketing
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation 


Since working with Unbound, Solo NZ has seen its ROAS increase to 1200%. This means for every dollar they spend they get $12 back in sales. 

Solo NZ have also seen an increase in conversion rate and transactions over the time they have worked with Unbound, seeing some of the busiest months on record.

The results we’ve seen in our online marketing campaigns really speak to the knowledge and dedication of the Unbound team. We’re happy to say we’ve had a record-setting year, and Unbound has been a huge part of that success!

Iain Slight, Solo NZ

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