Get Your Deals Out With Promotion Extensions

What Are AdWords Promotion Extensions?

AdWords promotion extensions show a noticeable price tag icon beneath your ad and highlight a sale on your website. Additionally, you can specify details around your promotion, such as whether it’s for a special occasion or holiday, any minimum order values, if it requires any promo code at checkout, as well as when the sales ends.


The new promotion extension feature stands out on the Search Results Page and looks entirely different from most other AdWords extensions. But creating the new promotion extension is similar to creating other popular ad extensions and shares many of the same benefits.

You can set up a promotion as a holiday promotion by selecting one of the following 12 occasions which can run during those holidays. Advertisers can choose to run them for select periods during those holidays by setting more specific promotional dates. Alternatively, they can leave this field as “None” and their promotion extension will serve anytime of the year.

Promotion Types

When setting up a promotion you need to specify which of these 4 categories best describes their sale or promotion:

  • Monetary discount: A static dollar amount that your product will be discounted. Your promotion will read “$X off…”
  • Percent discount: A set percent that all orders will be discounted. Your promotion will read “X% off….”
  • Up to monetary discount: A maximum static dollar amount that your orders may be discounted. It’s possible that not all orders may receive this maximum discount though. Your promotion will read “Up to $X off…”
  • Up to percent discount: A maximum percent that your orders may be discounted. It’s possible that not all orders may receive this maximum discount though. Your promotion will read “Up to X% off…”

Promotion Requirement

You can optionally set one of these two requirements for an order to be eligible for your promotion. If all orders are eligible for this promotion, leave this set as “None.”

  • On orders over: Your promotion will read “…On orders over $X.”
  • Promo code (15 Character Limit): If your promotion requires your visitors to use a promotional code at checkout, you can specify that here. Your promotional code can be up to 15 characters. Your promotion will read “…Code X”

Item (20 Characters Limit)

You can use this field to specify which products or services on your site are on sale.

Final URL:

Like sitelinks, each of these promotion extensions are clickable and can send traffic to a specific product or offer page.

Promotion dates (Optional)

If your promotion is for a limited time only, you can specify that here. You also choose to schedule these extensions to run in advance of these extensions, but not after.

How Do Promotion Extensions Perform?

It’s no secret that having an incredible sale or promotion can help increase your ad’s CTR. What is a surprise though, is how much these new promotion extensions can increase your ad’s CTR.

Studies have shown advertisers have seen amazingly high CTRs from these promotion extensions, averaging nearly a 10% CTR when these promotion extensions show! Promotion extensions outperform other popular extensions such as sitelinks and price extensions as well!

But CTR isn’t the only gain for accounts that adopt this new AdWords promotion extension. Like all ad extensions, AdWords promotion extensions can also improve their ad’s relevancy and quality score.

Be sure to add promotion extensions to your account to take advantage of their high CTR!

If you are running AdWords and want to find out more about how you can use promotion extensions please feel free to give me a call on 021 635229, Unbound Digital Marketing also offers free Google Adwords Audits on your Adwords account.

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